Media’s role in expressing rural issues has been shrinking over the times. To meet the challenge and work towards sustainable rural development, we need to enhance capacities of communicators. We research and analyze print, television, online and social media news to understand the coverage of development issues and its response among the target audience.
We provide media information and analysis that is current and relevant to your development perspective and growth. We undertake regional and national media tracking of development news and the response it generates in the mainstream media. We understand that updated information enables those working in the field of development to develop the correct perspective.
Our team scans through many daily newspapers, magazines and websites and offers customized tracking services district and state-wise. Our tracking system provides news articles, statistics and photographs. We understand your communication objective and identify the right media channels for monitoring.

We understand your need to continuously monitor, analyze and interpret news to proactively and positively influence communications programmes and tailor our research accordingly.