Delivering healthcare to over a billion people is a very complex challenge. CMRT works in close collaboration with State and Central Government and other partner organizations to secure accessible and quality maternal and child healthcare among marginalized communities. We work towards identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, provide innovative solutions, and help implement secure and quality healthcare services in India.

Hygiene and sanitation Awareness Camp

Health Camp for Migrant Community

Tribal Malnutrition Awareness Camp


CMRT’s education programme aims to generate awareness towards completing primary education and access formal schools to bring about leadership skills. CMRT provides technical support to teachers and government departments, helps nurture school-community relationships, and offers alternative education opportunities for women and girls from marginalized sections of the society.
Communicators Convention on Adolescents

Workshop on principles to protect child abuse

Spreading smiles on Children’s Day


Advocacy in social sector plays a role in educating the public, swaying public opinion or influencing policy-makers. Media coverage is one of the best ways to gain the attention of decision-makers, from local elected officials to members of Central Government. CMRT advocacy programmes works towards linking National media with State media and Government officials working at the district level through V-Sat technology, as an effective communication tool.
Interactive session on empowering
media at the grassroots
Seminar on Nutrition for better literacy