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CMRT is a social advocacy organisation that works to effectively leverage media’s wide communication outreach for advancing the rights of poor and marginalised. To achieve this, it engages in activities such as raising public awareness on social issues, giving voice to the voiceless and creating platforms for facilitating a meaningful dialogue across stakeholder groups.

CMRT believes that media has an important role in taking up development issues of the growth deprived regions at the macro level. At the micro level it can contribute in empowering the marginalised communities by making them aware of their entitlements especially health and education. For media to play its role effectively, it needs to dig deeper to uncover the links between poor health, lack of education and create an environment for meaningful dialogue.

The organisation helps media in reaching out to create awareness about health and educational needs of the rural populace by capacity building of journalists, analysing the effectiveness of the communicated message and understanding the trends in the development sector. By engaging in analysing media content on development issues, which will lead towards sustainable development and developing strategies to reach the target audience, our aim is to develop as a think tank thereby providing inputs for policy analysis and guidelines to help government and other agencies.

CMRT’s larger aim is to empower the marginalised, create responsible citizenship and strengthen the nation building process. In pursuit of its aim, CMRT has expanded its reach to a large section of society, even those living in remote parts of the country, by using V-SAT based advanced video conferencing technology and other communication tools.

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Courtesy UNICEF

UNICEF India launches Public Advocacy Campaign ‘Fair Start’ for Every Child

UNICEF India today unveiled the ‘Fair Start’ film as part of a (social) media campaign that will focus on persisting inequities that large groups of children in India face, affecting their survival, growth and development. A series of impactful films will give an insight into the lives of millions of children from various backgrounds, who are full of potential but less likely to grow up healthy and safe, less likely to attend school , less likely to learn, and more likely to be married as children.

Introducing the film, Caroline Den Dulk, Chief, Advocacy & Communication, UNICEF India said, “Every child deserves a fair start in his/her life and deserves adequate nutrition, education, sanitation, protection and health care. The campaign draws attention to the lives of many children who are deprived of these basic rights, often at times determined simply by where they are born. ..Read more